Max Korlaar

Hey! My name's Max.

I am a freelance full-stack web developer at my own company Vielleicht. With Vielleicht I help companies improve and expand their websites as they desire. Throughout the years I've mainly been busy writing interactive web applications, but lately I try to focus more on the UX of the products that I build.

Technology I work with includes Laravel, Vue, Tailwind, Sass, PHP, WordPress and other relevant tools. I can work with various PHP, JavaScript and CSS frameworks or none at all, depending on the project and the customer's preferences. Vielleicht also has experience with integrating various SaaS solutions such as payment service provider Mollie and SendGrid. Vielleicht offers me the possibility to combine my job with traveling the world. It's a remote first company, where I work remotely and ideally work asynchronously as well, depending on the circumstances. If you'd like to know if Vielleicht can help out your company then feel free to get in touch.

In the third year of my education I did an internship at the digital media agency Freshheads in Tilburg, where I helped to create cool digital products for their customers. Since before my studies I have taken care of the front- and backend of's website of the same name. If you're curious to know how I did that: With Laravel, Vue, SASS, TailwindCSS and a touch of our own young mindset.

During my time as a graduation intern UX & development at the Dutch National Police's Innovation Lab, I've been working on designing, developing and testing a data input application for police information officers and analysts allowing them to refine their data in a more efficient and user-friendly manner. The main goal of this application is to make the refined data available to the iRoom – another project of the Innovation Lab – in a transparent and consistent manner.

Within my studies at Fontys ICT I've been given the opportunity to become a member of the Delta honours programme – a replacement for the regular curriculum that offers students more challenging and often larger assignments from various companies with real problem cases. Within Delta, I've taken part in exciting projects, such as the GLOW light festival in Eindhoven, the Paaspop music festival in Schijndel and the Digital Excellence Platform, an open-source platform for exchanging concepts, projects and knowledge within Fontys University of Applied Sciences.

During my work on various projects I've been responsible on implementing and developing with and for various technologies, such as Laravel, Tailwind, Vue, Sassy CSS, WordPress, Mollie Payments and more. Take a look on my GitHub profile or on the projects on this website if you're interested in the details.